Success Stories


“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”

I started gathering my academic qualification from ACTA by completing the Diploma and HND with best results. As a Trainee Quantity Surveyor I joined Maga Engineering (Pvt) Ltd and became a Quantity Surveyor by a years’ time and became a permanent staff member. Continuously committed effort made me a Project Quantity surveyor of two high-rise building projects. After 5 years of experience I left Maga and started working in a Consultant firm as a Project Manager. In the same time I managed my studies and work, by completing my Degree with a 1stclass.

I also accomplished various short courses to enhance the recognition. Now I have started my own company and working to achieve life goals and willing to serve the country further as a business woman and as a lecturer. I think it is my duty to teach what I learn to others.

Finally would like to thank the ACTA staff and lectures for guiding us to become a dominant character. Special thanks goes to Mr.N.T.Klokuliyana, Mr.Mathanaarchchi, Mr.Upali Fernando, Mr.Amarasuriya and Mr.Nanayakkara , whom I learnt the most.

Mrs. D. P. Palika Dissanayake Ariyadasa
Quantity Surveying (NVQ Level 5 & NVQ Level 6)


After A/Ls, I joined ACTA in 2013 as I had a dream to be a Quantity Surveyor. I was able to complete my Diploma in Quantity Surveying in 2014 and successfully completed my industrial training at Sanken Constructions with the help of ACTA. Then I was fortunate enough to realize my dream in 2015 with the immense support of the academic and administrative staff at ACTA.

I started my first job at Archedium Pvt Ltd., one of the leading companies in Construction Industry and I got a great opportunity to work under the experts in Construction and Designing.

After that I got an opportunity to join with a Qatari construction company and I’m still working there as a Quantity Surveyor. Furthermore I’m planning to complete my Bachelor of Technology in Quantity Surveying degree at UNIVOTEC.

I should be grateful for all our lecturers for their quality of teaching blended with practical exposure which provided me the confidence and knowledge to handle diversified tasks and duties at all these workplaces.

I highly recommend ACTA for all your studies in Construction field and wish you all the best for your future studies at ACTA!

Mr. Ranil Indrajith
Quantity Surveying (NVQ Level 5)


As a school leaver I stepped in to ACTA to follow a course named Diploma in Quantity surveying. And I successfully completed that full time one year course with six months industrial training as directed by the ACTA. Well experienced, qualified lectures were instructed and ACTA guided us to grow up our career in the industry. My course was NVQ Level 5 equivalent course and finally I got NVQ Level 5 certificate through ACTA. Now I am working as quantity surveyor in Ceyoka Engineering Private Limited. I am thanking greatly to ACTA for the support to be this position and I wish them all the very best.


Mr. R.H.Sandaru Chamal
Quantity Surveying (NVQ Level 5)


After getting my A/L results I found an institute for carry on my higher studies in Civil Engineering field. So I knew about ACTA by paper advertisement and selected to do the Diploma in Quantity Surveying.

ACTA has a qualified staff and modem lecture halls with all the latest facilities. The course conducted at ACTA is not limited to theory alone but helps the students to achieve a good practical knowledge as well by working in construction sites. So I’m very content to choose the ACTA for my Studies.

I completed a Diploma in Quantity Surveying and now following Advance Diploma in Quantity Surveying (level 6) from ACTA. I started my first job at Engineering Consultants (pvt) Ltd (ECL), as a Training Quantity Surveyor. Presently I work as an Assistant Quantity Surveying above company on their request for a much higher salary.

Now I think I’m in a good position in my career and its all credits should go to the ACTA and I take this opportunity to declare my sincere thanks to the all of my Teachers & assistants for help me.


I joined the Advanced Construction Training Academy as a student of the 1st batch in 2007 to follow the ‘Diploma in Quantity Surveying’. This course has been developed to comply with the National Vocational Qualifications, level 5 & level 6 and students are able to get a Degree in technology from the UNIVOTEC. All courses at ACTA are conducted by qualified and experienced lecturers. Hence, I believe that the ACTA is now a leading institute among other similar institutes in Sri Lanka.

ACTA provide a great opportunity to students who fail the university entrance, to obtain recognized qualification and thereby enable them to find employment without difficulty.

After completion of QS Level 5 and industrial training, I have entered the job market as a Trainee QS and later I become a Quantity Surveyor in that organization after 12 months probationary period with an attractive monthly remuneration package. At present I am following QS Level 6 course at ACTA and my goal is to obtain a Degree from a recognized University.

Therefore, I would like to thank ACTA for my success and at the same time I recommend for anyone to follow any course conducted by ACTA without any hesitation.

SenanayakeEven though I was attached to the construction industry till I entered ACTA, I did not have a clear knowledge about Quantity Surveying. But I had an interest on the subject and was keen to follow further.

It was an advertisement which appeared in a news paper by ACTA which paved me the way to enter this institution in the year 2007 as a student of the first batch to follow the full-time course in Quantity Surveying. The course structure helped me in a great way to learn from the basics to advance theories of the subject and also to experience the practical situations in the field, by working at construction sites. The discipline maintained at the institution by Mr. M.G Amarasuriya (Executive Director) and the way in which this course was conducted gave more value and also it made us to build ourselves as a professionals.

With the knowledge gathered from this course at ACTA, I was privileged to seek employment at Mano Ponniah & Associates (Pvt) Ltd, which gave me more opportunities to widen my knowledge in Quantity Surveying.

I herewith express my heartfelt gratitude to ACTA for the success that I have achieved so far, as a Quantity Surveyor.

PathiranaI was wondering as to what I should do after getting my A/L result as I have not qualified to enter the University. I had a dream to obtain a degree. I am happy that ACTA helped me to fulfill my dream with the qualification in the near future

ACTA has a qualified, experienced and a talented staff and modern lecture halls with all the latest felicities. The course conducted at ACTA is not limited to theory but helps the students to achieve a good practical knowledge as well by working in construction sites.

A passed out student from ACTA is able to perform his/her job with confident in Sri Lanka or any other country within a very short period of time. I say this with confident, because I have achieved maximum benefits from what I have learnt at ACTA.

I have a Diploma in Quantity Surveying from ACTA. I started my first job at MAGA Engineering (pvt) Ltd, as a Quantity Surveyor. Then I left MAGA and went to work at the Department of Buildings in Kandy as a Quantity Surveyor. Then again I rejoined MAGA Engineering (pvt) Ltd on their request for a much higher salary.

I think I have become successful in my career, and I am proud to say that for what I have achieved the credit should go to ACTA.

I think this is a fine opportunity to express my ideas to the Annual Report of ACTA, and also I express my sincere thanks to the staff of ACTA for giving me this opportunity.