RPL (Recognition of prior learning) is an assessment process that assesses the persons competencies acquired through informal, non institutional learning to determine the extent to which that person has achieved the required competencies as set out in the relevant National Skills Standard leading to a qualification of the NVQ framework.

ACTA has been authorized to conduct RPL Assessments / programs for the construction industry sector. TVEC has authorized following trades.

  • Meson
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter (Building)
  • Electrician
  • Painter (Building)
  • Assistant Quantity Surveyor
  • Electrician (Domestic)
  • Construction Site Supervisor

RPL is the process where skill craftsmen could obtain internationally recognized NVQ certificates for their competencies by submitting relevant documentary evidences and showing their ability at practical test.

This method of certification will pave the way for a large number of uncertified workers in the construction industry to seek foreign employment and also make them eligible for higher salaries locally, and thereby increase productivity.