The Advanced Construction Training Academy (ACTA)

The Advanced Construction Training Academy (ACTA) is the training arm of the National Construction Association of Sri Lanka (NCASL). ACTA was established as a model training centre with Public and Private sector Partnership (PPP) to serve the construction industry sector. ACTA is the only training centre with ISO 9001-2008 IWA II standard certification in the construction industry at present. ACTA is considered as one of the successful projects of Agence Francasie De Development (AFD) of the Government of France. AFD has made a considerable financial contribution to establish ACTA and to provide technical consultancy services for training & development.

 ACTA is also registered with the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) as a Training Provider (TVEC Reg. No. PO1/0358). ACTA is the only Public – Private Partnership organization authorized by TVEC to conduct diploma programs at NVQ Level 5 & 6.

ACTA has already received accreditation from PEARSON – UK to conduct BTEC HND Programs in Construction & the Built Environment (Civil Engineering).

Further more, ACTA is recognized by Northumbria University – UK. Those who successfully complete Diploma level courses at ACTA are eligible to enter Northumbria University to follow Degree level programs.

 The Board of Management ACTA is represented by both public and private sector institutions involved in the construction Industry. Accordingly the Secretary to the Ministry of “Housing, Construction & Common Amenities”, Chairman, of “Institute for Construction Training & Development” (ICTAD) and a senior official from the Treasury are Ex officio Members of the ACTA Board of Management. The Chairman of the NCASL serves as the Chairman of the ACTA. Besides, four senior directors from NCASL are also included in the ACTA Board of Management.

 ACTA Commenced conducting training in October 2007. At present ACTA conducts a number of full time and part time programs, mostly for the construction industry. ACTA also conducts a number of other high demanding programs which are related to the construction industry.

Participants in most our training programs are represented by both public & private sector institutions such as State Engineering Co-operation, Department of Education, Ministry of Finance and Planning, the Three Armed Forces, Colombo Municipal Council, Road Development Authority, National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority, Ceylon German Technical Training Institute etc.

Create professionalism in the construction industry.
Enhancement of the competencies of the managerial and supervisory categories for quality construction initiatives with relevant technologies, attract the employment in the construction industry for the new entrants with recognized qualifications with built in competencies, introduction of a career path in the construction industry, introduction of modern technologies and affiliate with global professional bodies in the construction industry.
To bring fame and recognition to the academy through trained and disciplined professionals for the construction industry.
To upgrade the quality of life of tradesmen in construction industry by bringing professionalism to their trade.
To consider our employees as the most valued asset of the organization and endeavor upgrading their profession as a duty.
To encourage our suppliers to practice ‘Just in Time’ for mutual development of both parties.
To consider social responsibility as a duty rather than a social service
To be a good citizen being a honest follower of rules and regulation of the county
Definition of ACTA Services
ACTA provide Education and Training for the personnel who are in the Construction Industry and those who wish to pursue a career in the Construction Industry.
When delivering these services ACTA obtain Industry Requirements and other Requirements from those related Standards.
Quality Policy of ACTA
We strive to enhance occupational competencies of those who are already working in the construction industry and those who wish to enter to the field of construction industry by providing high standard of training and education.
We Continually improve our curricula and teaching/training methods.
We consistently comply with the professional education standards, government rules & regulations and national and international accreditation requirements.
We are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
Long-Term Goals of the Academy
To develop curricular to cover all aspects of construction engineering.
To be financially self-sufficient and build a research fund for researchers.
To setup a fully pledged research laboratory for construction industry.
To innovate economical building material by encouraging researchers.
To cater to the needs of Asia-Pacific region on training and development.
To bring university status to the academy.
Project Financing Summary
Project Financing Data
(Total Project Cost – SRLs. 348.5 mln)
Source Inputs
NCASL Rs. 98.5 mln
Govt. Fund Rs. 100.0 mln
Donor (AFD) Rs. 150.0 mln