ACTA Training Calendar for August 2017

ACTA Training Calendar for August 2017

Join with ACTA to upgrade your skills and knowledge by the part time programs developed specifically to match your requirements!!

These courses are developed fulfill the needs of various categories of employees in the construction industry sector. These courses have been identified through a survey carried out about the needs of various construction companies and the course structures & course materials have been developed with the industry experts. Therefore we hope that these programs will help you to improve your knowledge & skills  and thereby improve productivity and quality of the work you undertake.

 # Name of the program Duration CCD Points Date of Commence Course Fee / Participant
 1  Refresher Course on Quantity Surveying  07 Days   05.08.2017
 Rs. 17,500.00
 Program Content
  • Introduction on SMM in building works – SLS 573 1999 and CESSMM 3
  • Take off quantities
  • Abstracting
  • Preparation of BOQ

Pre Contract Management

  • Consultant QS
    – Costing of projects, cost planning
    – Procurement systems
    – Preparation of Tender documents
    – Tender evaluation
  • Contractor QS
    – Pricing of BOQ
    – Preparation of Tenders for submission
    – Selecting sub contractors

Post Contract Management

  • Variation Accounts
  • Fluctuation claims
  • Interim / Final claims
  • Costing
  • Domestic sub contractors accounts
 2 Swimming Pool Maintenance 03 Days 20 CCD Points 19.08.2017
 Rs. 7,500.00
 3 Water Proofing Techniques 02 Day 20 CCD Points 20.08.2017
 Rs. 5,000.00

Program Content

  • Introduction to water proofing
  • Water proofing membrane
    – Wet area
    – Flat roofing
  • Concrete water proofing
    – Chemicals
    – Positive aspects
    – Negative aspects
  • Water proofing of water retaining structures
    – Tank / sumps (drinking water)
    – Swimming pools
  • Wall water proofing
    – Concealed
    – Decorative
  • Advanced applications in water proofing

 4 Construction Planning 03 Days 20 CCD Points 26.08.2017
 Rs. 7,500.00

Program Content

Reasons for Project Planning

  • Setting realistic time frames for the project
  • Establishing standards
  • Aiding control during project- monitoring performance
  • Reviewing progress
  • Dealing with construction risks
  • Devising safe working methods

Key steps in planning a Project

  • Getting a feel of the Project
  • Establishing key project dates
  • Establishing key events or activities
  • Assessing the time length of activities
  • Establishing the sequence
  • Deciding the appropriate programming techniques to be used

Construction planning- stages

  • Designing stage
  • Pre -Tender Stage
  • Pre –Contract Stage
  • Contract Stage

Reasons for Pre -Tender Planning

Reasons for Pre – Contract Planning

Reasons for Contract Planning

Developing Check lists

  • Developing Check list for Designing stage
  • Developing Check list for Pre -Tender Stage
  • Developing Check list for Pre –Contract Stage
  • Developing Check list for Contract Stage

Outputs of each construction planning stage

  • Designing stage – Project Master Schedule
  • Pre-Tender Stage – Pre Tendering Program, Tender risk assessment
  • Pre – Contract Stage – Master Program ,Target Program, Sub contractor program &  Procurement Program, Risk assessment
  • Contract Stage – Stage program, Short term program, As- Built program

Lead time

  • Introduction
  • Making due allowances for the “Lead Time” in the Project Master Schedule

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Methods of presenting WBS

Programming Techniques

  • Bar charts
  • Linked Bar Charts
  • Arrow Diagrams
  • Precedence Diagrams
  • Line of balance Diagrams

Basic principles of each of the above techniques

Special advantages of each of the above techniques

 5 Construction Contract Administration 01 Day 10 CCD Points 26.08.2017  Rs. 7,500.00
 6 Quantity Surveying Mechanical & Electrical 07 Days 20 CCD Points 27.08.2017
 Rs. 17,500.00

Program Content

Building Services Technology

  • Hot and cold water systems and heating
  • Ventilation, air conditioning, sprinklers, dry risers and drainage
  • Electrical distribution, Electrical containment, circuits, fire alarms

Building Services Measurement

  • Principles of measurement, methods of measurement and take-off
  • Drawings, establishing scale, use of drawings and measurement exercises
  • Measurement exercises of BSE systems and electrical measurement
  • Electrical measurement exercise, the M&E engineer’s role, preparation and analysis of submissions

 7 Timber Flooring 02 Days 20 CCD Points 27.08.2017
 Rs. 5,000.00

Program Content

  • Introduction and overview of the program
  • Design & material selection
  • Delivery, handling and storage
  • Preparatory works
  • Installation- Installation techniques
  • Sanding,  Sandpaper selection, Sanding procedure
  • Finishing- Finishing procedures
  • Re-coating
  • Protection
  • Repairing – Board replacement
  • Quality control
  • Common defects
  • Preventive & corrective measures

*CCD Points – Continuous Competency Development Points offer by Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA)