Construction Law and Contracts

Course Name Construction Law and Contracts
Brief Description

This course provides an understanding of construction contracts. It examines the principles that are involved, the terms and conditions and the administration of contracts at various stages of a construction project.

Case studies will be discussed during the sessions to broaden the participants’ knowledge of construction law.

Duration 3 Days
Study Modes Short Course
Course information in detail  Formation of Contracts

  • Offer, acceptance & consideration
  • Oral and written contracts
  • Tenders and award of contracts

 Construction Contract Standard Forms

  • Contractual models
  • Development of standard forms

 Claims for Variations

  • Variation provisions in a contract
  • Scope of power to vary
  • Valuation issues

 Payments and Certification

  • Obligation to pay
  • Function of a certifier
  • Nature of interim certificates

 Time-related Claims

  • Time obligations
  • Liquidated damages
  • Concept of “prevention”
  • Prolongation and disruption of claims and completion

 Liability for Construction Defects

  • Warranties for quality
  • Damages and economic loss
  • Termination under Contract & General Law

 Adjudication and Security of Payment

  • Outline of the regime
  • Preparation of payment claims
  • Preparation of payment response
  • Adjudication – its preparation, application and proceeding


  • Nominated and domestic subcontractors
  • Obligation of subcontractors
  • Payments, set-off, extension of time and termination

 Litigation and Arbitration

  • Comparison of processes and managing of legal costs
  • Selecting a legal counsel
Entry Qualifications Quantity Surveyors, Practicing Engineers, Builders and Construction Professionals.
Course fees
Rs. 9,000.00