Certificate in Quantity Surveying – NVQ Level 04 (Part Time)

Course Name Certificate in Quantity Surveying – NVQ Level 04
Brief Description On completion of this program the trainee will be able to,

  • Gain basic knowledge and application of quantity surveying techniques
Duration 12 Months (Only on Sundays)
Study Modes NVQ LEVEL – 04 (Part Time)
Course information in detail Construction Technology

  • Carry out preliminary work at site
  • Excavation and Timbering
  • Foundation work
  • Piling work in foundations
  • Masonry Work (Brick work, Block work & Rubble work)
  • Concrete work (concrete, form work & reinforcement)
  • Construction of concrete stairs (Cast-in situ) & pre cast
  • Construction of timber stairs, Flooring & Paneling work
  • Rood construction
  • Making of door & window frames & sashes
  • Ceiling work
  • Partitioning work
  • Wall and floor finishes
  • Painting and finishes
  • Shoring work
  • Measurement – 1

Pre Contract Stage (Contractor QS)  

  • Prepare Bills of Quantity for contracts based on drawings and Specifications
  • Inspect tender documents and prepare reports
  • Analyze quotations received for the preparation of Tender
  • Prepare (net) estimates
  • Prepare Tenders for submission

Pre Contract Stage (Consultant QS)  

  • Advise on cost of projects
  • Prepare tender documents
  • Evaluate / prepare Tender reports
  • Prepare & award contracts
Entry Qualifications At least 1 year experiance in construction field.
Course fees Rs. 60,000.00 (Payments in instalments accepted)