NEW INTAKE!! – Pearson BTEC HND in Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering)

Civil Engineering March

Course Name Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering) (QCF)
Brief Description This is an Internationally recognized Higher Diploma. The course is conducted according to Pearson Qualification Standards. Those who complete the Diploma can enter to 3rd year of Pearson recognized universities.
Duration 24 months
Study Modes Classroom teaching, Multimedia, Lab practices, Drawings, Site Visits, Discussions
Course Information in Detail
Unit Code Unit Name Level
3 Science & Materials 4
8 Mathematics for Construction 4
7 Surveying, Measuring & Setting Out 4
18 Civil Engineering Technology 4
Unit Code Unit Name Level
2 Construction Information (Drawing, Detailing, Specification ) 4
20 Principles of Structural Design 4
4 Construction Practice and Management 4
1 Individual Project 4
Unit Code Unit Name Level
6 Group Project Part I 4
28 Further Mathematics for Construction 5
39 Transport Systems in Buildings 5
30 Advanced Structural Design 5
Unit Code Unit Name Level
22 Group Project Part II 5
29 Geotechnics & Soil Mechanics 5
42 Highway Engineering 5
43 Hydraulics 5
Entry Qualifications G.C.E. A/L Maths and Technology(Eng) streams two passes
Acceptable Professional Qualifications
Those who have G. C. E. O/L with Credits for Maths, English, Science and A/L other streams must follow our NVQ LEVEL 4  Certificate in Quantity Surveying course.
Course fees Rs. 300,000
+ Pearson Registration Fee £202
+ Pearson Annual Fee £40
(Installment payment schemes are available)



QS September


Course Name Certificate in Quantity Surveying – NVQ Level 04
Brief Description On completion of this program the trainee will be able to,

  • Gain basic knowledge and application of quantity surveying techniques
Duration Full Time –
10 Months (04 Months Institutional & 06 Months Site training)Part Time –
12 Months (Sundays only)
Study Modes NVQ LEVEL – 04 (Full Time & Part Time)
Course information in detail Construction Technology

  • Carry out preliminary work at site
  • Excavation and Timbering
  • Foundation work
  • Piling work in foundations
  • Masonry Work (Brick work, Block work & Rubble work)
  • Concrete work (concrete, form work & reinforcement)
  • Construction of concrete stairs (Cast-in situ) & pre cast
  • Construction of timber stairs, Flooring & Paneling work
  • Rood construction
  • Making of door & window frames & sashes
  • Ceiling work
  • Partitioning work
  • Wall and floor finishes
  • Painting and finishes
  • Shoring work
  • Measurement – 1

Pre Contract Stage (Contractor QS)  

  • Prepare Bills of Quantity for contracts based on drawings and Specifications
  • Inspect tender documents and prepare reports
  • Analyze quotations received for the preparation of Tender
  • Prepare (net) estimates
  • Prepare Tenders for submission

Pre Contract Stage (Consultant QS)  

  • Advise on cost of projects
  • Prepare tender documents
  • Evaluate / prepare Tender reports
  • Prepare & award contracts
Extra Subjects
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
Entry Qualifications G.C.E. O/L 6 passes including Mathematics & Science
Course fees
Rs. 55,000.00 (can pay in installments)
Commencing Date Full Time / Part Time – October 2017
Participants must register before the commencing date


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