Building Information Modeling (BIM) Management

Course Name Building Information Modeling (BIM) Management
Brief Description Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been transforming the processes that built environment projects are designed, engineered, built and operated by enabling greater integration and collaboration among the developers, designers, builders and fabricators across the value chain.

In order to support the built environment industry to reap the benefits of BIM and increase BIM capacity and capability to drive for productivity, a 5-day Certification Course on BIM Management is designed to provide industry professionals with the knowledge to implement and execute a BIM project

Duration 07 Days
Study Modes Short Course
Course information in detail
BIM Fundamentals

  • BIM Definition and terminology
  • The difference between 2D CAD, 3D CAD and 3D BIM
  • Evolution of BIM (past, present, future)
  • BIM Uses

 BIM Technology

  • Best Practice Approach to Federated Model
  • BIM Software and File Formats
  • Analysis Tools
  • Shop Drawing and Fabrication Tools
  • Construction Management and Review Tools
  • File Sharing Tools
  • Hardware, Graphics, and Peripherals

 BIM Design Process

  • Area and Space Planning
  • Project Phases and Phased Design
  • Design Options

 Design Coordination and Documentation

  • Multidisciplinary Coordination
  • Design Review
  • Clash Detection
  • BIM Model Checking

 Design Analysis

  • Green Building Design
  • BIM for Structural Analysis

 Construction Planning and Coordination

  • Phase Planning (4D)
  • Cost Estimating (5D)

 BIM Company Deployment Plan

  • BIM Adoption Approach
  • Challenges in BIM implementation
  • Establishing BIM Environment
  • BIM Return on Investment
  • Phases in BIM Implementation
  • Organizational BIM Vision
  • Modelling Plan
  • Staffing Plan
  • System Implementation Plan
  • Corporate Collaboration Plan
  • Corporate Technology Plan

 BIM Project Execution Plan

  • BIM Project Goals
  • BIM Uses
  • BIM Process Maps
  • BIM Information Exchanges
  • BIM Project Management
  • Meeting Structure for Developing

 BIM Project Execution Plan

  • Recommendation for Successful BIM Implementation
  • Case Studies
Entry Qualifications  Applicants for this BIM Management Course should possess experience in managing a building and construction project.
Course fees
Rs. 18,000.00