ACTA Training Calendar for November 2017


 # Name of the program Duration CCD Points Date of Commence Course Fee / Participant
 1 Construction Supervisor 07 Days 03.11.2017  Rs. 17,500.00

Program Content

  • Manage workplace Information
  • Manage workplace Communication
  • Manage Time
  • Material Specification
  • Stores Function & Documentation
  • Site Facilities
  • Site Organization
  • Planning Aids & Instruments
  • Plan Work to be done at work site
  • Quality at work site
  • Provide Leadership to establish effective workplace relationship
  • Perform Preliminary activities at work site
  • Standard Specifications
  • Contribute to continuous quality
  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Safety at work site
  • Preparation of BOQ
  • Guide/Supervise activities at work site
  • Material Specifications
  • Develop work site safety plan (con)
  • Tendering
  • Material Specifications
  • Demonstrate perform of a skill
  • Provide skill development guidance
  • Monitor operational performance
 2 Surveying & Levelling 03 Days 10.11.2017  Rs. 9,000.00

Program Content


  • Principles of Leveling
  • Taking Longitudinal Sections & Cross Sections using Dumpy Level
  • Plotting Longitudinal Sections & Cross Sections
  • Calculation of the elevation of an unknown point (Height)


  • Using Transit Theodolite & Total Station
  • Principles of Surveying
  • Using the Transit Thedolite to Survey a given plot of land with the help of a survey traverse
  • Using Total Station to survey a given lot of land
  • Preparation of “Survey Records” using field book entries
  • Preparation of “Co- ordinates Sheet”
  • Preparation of plan of a surveyed land

3 Advanced Plumbing 03 Days 20.11.2017  Rs. 7,500.00

Program Content

  • Water supply systems
  • Reading and interpreting shop drawings
  • Measuring and marking-comparing actual site measurements with working drawings
  • Laying of plumbing lines and accessories and Laying of pipes to suit standard gradients
  • Maintaining proper spacing between pipes, accessories and overlapping
  • Designing and detailing Manholes and Gullies
  • New types of pipes and pipe fittings and their uses
  • Waste water systems & Installation of waste water systems
  • Testing procedures and equipment used in testing and types of tests
    • Conducting Pressure tests
    • Hydraulic Pressure testing as applicable to- Hot/Cold water lines, chilled water lines, Steam lines, Fire lines)
    • Smoke testing ( Waste water/ drainage systems)
    • Filling testing (Underground manhole pips lines, Water tank, Sewer pits)
    • Filling testing(Leak testing, tests conducted using instruments and liquid soap testing)
  • Sterilization of cold water systems
  • Pipe bedding
  • Safety at work site

4 Scaffolding in Construction Site 03 Days 25.11.2017  Rs. 7,500.00

Program Content

  • Scaffolding Safety
  • Materials used in scaffolding & requirements for  scaffolds
  • Scaffoldings- Basic preparation
  • Preparation of base for scaffoldings in high rise buildings
  • Assembling of scaffold components
  • Inspection of assembled frame structure
  • Maintenance of Scaffoldings
  • Dismantling of scaffoldings and stacking of components

5 Diploma in Safety Engineering 06 Months 26.11.2017  Rs. 50,000.00

Program Content

  • Safety Foundation
  • Policy
  • Organizing for Safety
  • Positive Safety Culture
  • Risk Assessment
  • Principles of Control
  • Monitoring /Review/Audit
  • Incident/Accident investigation/Reporting
  • Legislation(Factory Ordinance) and
    Insurance Procedure
  • Movement of people/Vehicle /Material
  • Manual & Mechanical Handling
  • Work Equipment’s
  • Electrical Hazard
  • Fire Hazard
  • Chemical/Biological Hazard
  • Physical/Psychological Hazard
  • Construction activities
  • Assessment at delegate’s place
  • Mining/Blasting Safety
  • First aid Training
  • Occupational Health & Disease
  • Environmental Control
  • Traffic control safety
  • GHS(Global Harmonize System)

6 06 Day Refresher Course in Masonry 06 Days 27.11.2017  Rs. 17,500.00

Program Content

7 Contract Administration 01 Day 27.11.2017  Rs. 3,500.00

Program Content



ACTA would like to thank you all for taking time to visit our stall at Construct 2017,
held at BMICH from August 25th to 27th.

The exhibition was a great success and it gave us the opportunity to present our training programs to you all.

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ACTA Training Calendar for August 2017

ACTA Training Calendar for August 2017

Join with ACTA to upgrade your skills and knowledge by the part time programs developed specifically to match your requirements!!

These courses are developed fulfill the needs of various categories of employees in the construction industry sector. These courses have been identified through a survey carried out about the needs of various construction companies and the course structures & course materials have been developed with the industry experts. Therefore we hope that these programs will help you to improve your knowledge & skills  and thereby improve productivity and quality of the work you undertake.
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