ACTA Training Calendar for September 2017

 # Name of the program Duration CCD Points Date of Commence Course Fee / Participant
 1 Good Industry Practices in Painting  02 Days 14.09.2017  Rs. 5,000.00
 Program Content
  • Introduction and overview of the program
  • Preparatory works including
    (Carrying out measurements, Carrying out interior finishing and installation work, carrying out plasterwork, insulation and dry  wall work. Checking /evaluating under surfaces and preparing   them for coating)
  • Paint systems and selection of paint systems
  • Processing of material
  • Storage of Material
  • Methods of application
  • Protection measures
    (Protective measures for painted and unpainted surfaces Maintaining and restoring surfaces)
  • Common defects, Preventive & corrective measures
  • Quality control
 2 Occupation Health & Safety 03 Days 20 CCD Points 16.09.2017  Rs. 7,500.00

Program Content

  • Introduction to OHS
  • OHS Legislation
  • Safety in excavations, Trenches & confined spaces
  • Safe use of Electricity
  • Heat, Light, Noise, Ventilation & Vibration
  • Occupational Accident Prevention
  • Unsafe Acts & Unsafe conditions
  • Working at Heights
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment in Construction Industry
  • Handling of Materials
  • Supervisors role in prevention of accidents
 3 Stores Management 06 Day 23.09.2017  Rs. 17,500.00

Program Content

 4 Masonry 03 Days 23.09.2017  Rs. 7,500.00

Program Content

  • Interpretation of basic  Masonry drawings
  • Preparation of Estimates (for Foundation work, Brick laying,   Concreting, Partitioning work )
  • Rubble Masonry
  • Brick Masonry
  • Concreting
  • Reinforcements, Preparation of Bar cutting lists
  • Conducting of common tests in Masonry

 5 Variation Procedures & Extra Work 01 Day 25.09.2017  Rs. 3,000.00

Program Content

  • What is a Variation in Construction Contracts
  • What is Extra Works in Construction Contracts
  • Variation Clauses
  • Engineer’s Instructions converting to Variation order
  • Variation Accounts
  • Methods of Valuing Variations
  • Day works and associated formats
  • Variations leading to E.O.T claims.

 6 Interim Valuation, Final payment & Discharge 01 Day 29.09.2017  Rs. 3,000.00

Program Content

Building Services Technology


Understands the purpose of interim and final valuations.


Understands the purpose and composition of the final account.


Understands variation clauses and methods of measurements and recording.

      • DAYWORKS

Understands the nature of day works and their contractual significance.


Understands the meaning and significance of prime cost & provisional sums and the methods of billing in the contract bills and adjustments in the final accounts.


Understands the significance of fluctuation clauses in contracts, the range of fluctuations and method of assessing and recording.

*CCD Points – Continuous Competency Development Points offer by Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA)

 # Name of the program Duration Date of Commence Course Fee / Participant
 1 Certificate in Quantity Surveying – NVQ Level 4

Full Time – 10 Months

Part Time – 12 Months

Full Time – 27.09.2017

Part Time – 24.09.2017

 Rs. 55,000.00

Program Content

Construction Technology

      • Carry out preliminary work at site
      • Excavation and Timbering
      • Foundation work
      • Piling work in foundations
      • Masonry Work (Brick work, Block work & Rubble work)
      • Concrete work (concrete, form work & reinforcement)
      • Construction of concrete stairs (Cast-in situ) & pre cast
      • Construction of timber stairs, Flooring & Paneling work
      • Rood construction
      • Making of door & window frames & sashes
      • Ceiling work
      • Partitioning work
      • Wall and floor finishes
      • Painting and finishes
      • Shoring work
      • Measurement – 1

Pre Contract Stage (Contractor QS)  

      • Prepare Bills of Quantity for contracts based on drawings and Specifications
      • Inspect tender documents and prepare reports
      • Analyze quotations received for the preparation of Tender
      • Prepare (net) estimates
      • Prepare Tenders for submission

Pre Contract Stage (Consultant QS)  

      • Advise on cost of projects
      • Prepare tender documents
      • Evaluate / prepare Tender reports
      • Prepare & award contracts



ACTA would like to thank you all for taking time to visit our stall at Construct 2017,
held at BMICH from August 25th to 27th.

The exhibition was a great success and it gave us the opportunity to present our training programs to you all.

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ACTA Training Calendar for August 2017

ACTA Training Calendar for August 2017

Join with ACTA to upgrade your skills and knowledge by the part time programs developed specifically to match your requirements!!

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